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Prior to providing any service, a thorough and detailed evaluation is performed with each client to ensure that every individual’s specific needs are met.  With a central fabrication laboratory located around the corner, custom-fabricated devices can be custom tailored in a timely manner.


The practitioners at Baker O&P stay abreast with the latest, most innovative technology through continuing education courses and seminars.  Combining new technology with our extensive knowledge and experience ensures that the client is provided the best outcomes possible.  We routinely provide prosthetic components that incorporate the use of microprocessors such as the C-leg prosthetic knee and the Endolite Elan.  Baker O&P was the first facility in North Texas to successfully fit the Otto Bock Genium when it was initially released.  By working closely with out prosthetic distributors, our clients have the ability to trial different components to determine if they will have a positive impact on their lives.

Lower Extremity

Through the use of a detailed evaluation process, our clinicians work closely with each client to determine the needs and goals of the individual.  We understand that every person’s goals are different, but every goal is extremely important.  At Baker, we truly believe in a team approach and feel very fortunate to work closely with some outstanding physical therapists who specialize in gait training.  By utilizing physical therapy, the individual is able to reach and exceed their ambulatory goals.

Unique Suspension Solutions

The practitioners at Baker are consistently thinking "outside of the box" to find solutions to best suit the needs of their clients.  Through the use of sub atmospheric pressure or elevated vacuum, both above knee and below knee amputees can be provided a whole new world of suspension options.  In addition, certified in the CJ sail socket system, individuals now have a solution to volume fluctuations and feel an increase comfort in sitting.

Please check out our photo gallery to learn more about our exciting innovations.

Upper Extremity

The nature, use and size of Upper Extremity prosthetic limbs require techniques that are hard to find among practitioners. Our Upper Extremity Specialists are skilled in the design and fitting of prosthetic arms for any amputation level. We are experienced and accredited to fit the newest electronic devices, including the Dynamic Elbow, which automatically balances the forearm, and the new i-LIMB hand which features with independently- powered fingers.

Cosmetic Finishing

At Baker O&P we understand that every individual has a unique personality that can be expressed in a variety of ways.  With our own fabrication lab, the options for colors, patterns and pictures are endless.  From a custom shaped cover and skin to a custom made t-shirt design,  Baker will customize your prosthesis to match your distinctive personality.

Expedited Services

Traveling can become an expensive and cumbersome process, which is why Baker offers expedited services to clients who reside in different areas.  Our clinical team will work diligently to provide excellent care, which may include combining several appointments into one day.


Understanding the proper treatment modality is of the upmost importance when providing orthotic care.  The attending practitioner will formulate a treatment plan to best suit the individuals needs both immediately and long term.  Baker O&P provides a wide variety of orthotic devices for every segment of the body.  By providing the latest innovations such as stance-control KAFOs and the PRO (Perfect Response Orthotic) AFO, ultra-light weight components and low-profile designs, the client’s goals can be obtained.

Hospital Specialists

We know that certain circumstances require us to go outside of our offices to work with people in a hospital setting. We have working relationships with many area hospitals and residential facilities and fit devices for at those residences. 
Orthotic and prosthetic users encounter emergencies just like everyone else. That’s why we are available for emergency on-call after business hours, on weekends and holidays. 
Talk to your hospital staff if you need our services brought to you.